Director of Quality Control Laboratories

Name and Surname:  Golamreza Golamhoseini
Organizational position: Director of Quality Control Laboratories
work experience
•    Tabriz University of Medical Sciences Professor (1972-2000)
•    Shahid Qazi Pharmaceutical Co. – Quality Control Manager (2000-2008)
•    Zahravi Pharmaceutical Co. – Production Manager (2008-2009)
•    Daana Pharmaceutical Co. - Director of Quality Control Laboratories (2009-Now)
•    More than 700 studies on the quality of drinking water and mineral water in Iran
•    31  research in drug microbial control
•    Environmental pollution control
•    Medical Hydrology
•    Water Chemistry
•    Drug Microbial Control
•    water analysis Methods
These books, were published by Tabriz Medical Sciences University, 1975-2006
Educational background
•    General Pharmaceutical, Tabriz University
•    Drug quality, London, United Kingdom
•    ISO 14000 , ISO 18000 and ISO 19000 Tuv Audit
•    ISO 17025 Audit- Pishgaman Farapooya Institu
•    Professional: GMP Course at Ministry of Health and Care
•    General Manager: Industrial Management Institute