The term export means shipping the goods and services out of the port of a country. The seller of such goods and services is referred to as an "exporter" who is based in the country of export whereas the overseas based buyer is referred to as an "importer". In International Trade, "exports" refers to selling goods and services produced in the home country to other markets
The section of a company which deals in sales to foreign countries is called "export department". This section of Daana Pharma co . has started to work from 2006 and during 8 years were been developing more and more . so that , today it exports to so many countries such as ; Afghanistan , Azerbaijan , Uzbekistan , Tajikistan , Syria , Iraq , Jordan , Yemen , Seri Lanka , Russia , Libya , etc . The market interests' products have been registered in each country. Even more, each area has a special export packing format.
And we hope to develop of this unit increasingly.